New Bitboard Viewer (Now with Hexadecimal)

After stuffing myself silly with a scrummy Christmas dinner, I felt I need to work it off a little with a bit of programming. I have had a number of requests to add hexadecimal support to the Bitboard Viewer. The original version also had a nasty overflow bug which showed up if bit 63 was set. I managed to fight off the tryptophan from the turkey to correct the bug and add hexadecimal support:


I also added the ability to click on a file or rank title to XOR the bits in the corresponding file or rank.

You can download it here.


  • Dann Corbit

    It appears to support a single numbering scheme. Is that right, or is there a way to change it?

    • Steve Maughan

      Hi Dann – the current version only supports A1 = bit 0 and H8 = bit 63. This is the numbering scheme I use in Maverick and I think it’s the most common. I guess I could add other schemes if there is significant demand. Are other numbering schemes really that popular?