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Senpai 2.0

Fabien Letouzey has just released Senpai 2.0. This is mostly a complete rewrite. He’s made extensive changes and added automated tuning of evaluation parameters. You can find out more on the Senpai page.

New Engine – The Baron

I’m delighted to host another new engine at ChessProgramming.net. The Baron recently played at the WCCC in Leiden. It was operated by Richard’s delightful daughter Tessa. I’m not sure of the exact playing strength of The Baron but it’s certainly strong. It’s a full feature engine with SMP support and a comprehensive evaluation function. This version dates […]

Python Chess

I’m delighted to give you this guest post by Niklas Fiekas, the creator of Python Chess. You may think Python Chess is just another chess engine. It isn’t. It’s a library of routines which can manipulate and analyze chess data using Python.  After I learnt about Python Chess I immediately went to Code Academy and took their […]