When Will Maverick be “Launched”?

I see over on CCC Pawel Koziol has launched Rodent 1.0. Big Congrats! I was intrigued by Pawel’s “launch criteria” (i.e. 1.0 status).  He says he would only go to “1.0” status when Rodent beat Fruit 2.1 in a 100 game match.  This is an interesting criteria for launching a chess engine!

It got me thinking!

So here’s what I’m going to do for Maverick.  The first version, Maverick 0.1 will be launched only when it beats Monarch 1.7 over a 100 game match.  Version 0.2 will be launched when Maverick reaches 2100 ELO, version 0.3 at 2200 ELO, version 0.4 at 2300 ELO, version 0.5 at 2400 ELO and finally 1.0 at 2500 ELO (i.e. Grandmaster level!).