US Citizenship & x5 Speed-up!

It’s been a while since I last posted.  I’ve been busy getting all of the UCI plumbing in place.  Maverick is almost at the stage it can play a game of chess.  I’ve created the basic search routines – complete with alpha-beta, quiescent search and root search. 

Some early tests show quite a speed-up compared to my old Monarch letterbox framework.  On my 2.8 GHz i7 4900MQ the old Monarch 1.7 engine is doing about 1.7 million nodes per second.  On the same positions Maverick is doing about 8.6 million.  I expect this will come down once I add hash tables and beef up the evaluation but this is better than I expected.  It’s about a five times speed-up.  I think quite a bit is due to the 64 bit GCC 4.8 compiler but I’m happy with the result.

I’m hoping Maverick will play its first game this weekend.

On another note – I became a US citizen today!

  • Congratulations, that is really fast. iCE is running at less than 2 Mio nps. I’m looking forward to play some matches against your engine.


    • Steve Maughan

      Thanks Thomas. I’m sure iCE will slaughter Maverick for some time to come!

      As for the speed I’m a little amazed – it seems too good to be true. Of course the evaluation is quite basic at this point. Have you tried MinWG with the 4.8 compiler for iCE? Using Visual Studio Express 2013 I only get 4.5 million per second. This jumps to 8.6 million nps using MinGW and the 4.8 compiler.