Maverick 1.0 Released

I’m pleased to be able to release Maverick 1.0. This version adds considerable selectivity to the search. It has a basic implementation of Late Move Reduction and Beta pruning. In my tests it is about 2500 ELO on the CCRL scale, so it’s time to give it the 1.0 version number.

A full list of changes are:

  • Added Late Move Reduction
  • Added beta pruning (inspired by Senpai)
  • Added unstoppable pawn code
  • Added king and pawn endgame knowledge
  • Added knight outpost bonus
  • Added refutation moves to the move ordering

There are also ARM and Linux version included for the first time (thanks Jim Ablett)

I’m pleased with the style of play. Maverick aggression coupled with its positional naivety makes for interesting play! If you play against chess engines I’d be interested in any feedback.

You can download Maverick 1.0 from the Download Page

  • Michael Byrne

    Steve – just downloaded the source and will send you a V1.0 exe for the Mac OS X shortly. Mike

    • Steve Maughan

      Hi Michael – that would be awesome! Can you send me the adjusted code? Then I’ll be able to integrate any modifications into the core codebase.

      – Steve

  • Congratulations !

  • MvK

    Congratulations! Would you put it online on FICS, so everyone can play it and watch?

    • Steve Maughan

      Hi Marcel – that sounds fun. What’s the best GUI for accessing FICS with a UCI engine?