2014-04-17: Fruit Reloaded 2.1 Now Includes Android Builds

Daniel has added Android builds!

2014-03-17 by Fabien Letouzey, Daniel Mehrmann & Ryan Benitez – Fruit reloaded 2.1

Fruit reloaded is an independent fork of Fruit 2.1.

I want to say thank you to Fabien for his clean written Fruit and Ryan for his nice support and code work so far.

Fruit reloaded target is to follow the clean style of Fabien work. It should help other programmers how to write an simple clean engine.

Of course we want make Fruit reloaded stronger, so we’re searching other developers and testing user to help Fruit reloaded.

  • added multipv support
  • added X-Ray mobility attack
  • added pawn mobility attack
  • added pawn mobility
  • added pawn safe mobility
  • added LMR & LMR pruning
  • added eval_win endings
  • added eval promote
  • tuned eval
  • removed history pruning