Free Chess Bitboard Viewer

If your chess engine is bitboard based you will need to be able to visualize what the bitboard looks like as an actual chess board.  I can’t image developing a bitboard engine without this type of utility.  So I created a simple chess bitboard viewer. 

You download it here: Chess Bitboard Viewer

Chess Bitboard Viewer

It runs on Windows 32 / 64 bit systems.  It’s super-easy to use (i.e. if you cannot use it think about finding a different hobby).  I’ve zipped it up since I assume downloading a raw (and rare) exe file will make some virus detector scream like a banshee!  BTW it has been checked for viruses and it’s clean – (but use it at your own risk).

You can click on a square and the decimal number will update – or you change the decimal number and the board will update.  You can also copy and paste from the clipboard. 

I hope it’s useful – feedback and comments welcome!

  • Thanks for the tool.
    I was trying out a few things with bitboards to get a hang of it, and I find the tool useful. Could you add a mode to input the position in hexadecimal? That would make it much more useful for me 🙂

    • Steve Maughan

      I’ll put it on the to-do list!

  • This is a very simple, yet useful, nice tool, thanks!

  • Excelent tool!!

    This need hexadecimal input!


    • Steve Maughan

      Yes it does. If I have some time I’ll add hexadecimal input.