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Chess Board Representation

When anyone writes a chess program, one of the first things to decide is how you’re going to represent the layout of the chess board.  Chess Programming Wiki has a good section on the various approaches to Board Representation.  When considering the different structures you need to consider the ease and speed of several factors: […]

UCI Protocol – Capturing User Input

I found the Monarch’s source code in a corner of my hard disk.  One of the strong points of Monarch was its stability.  Users reported running thousands and thousand of games without it crashing.  I put this down to defensive programming (hat tip Fabian!) and a solid implementation of the UCI protocol. So since Monarch was […]

New Computer Chess Programming Blog

It’s been six years since I’ve done any serious chess development. During that time family life has been full-on, with two high energy daughters and one demanding wife. The pace of work has also picked up the pace. While I haven’t had time for chess computer coding I certainly haven’t been far from the computer […]