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Is a Lazy Eval a Good Thing?

Lazy evaluation is a technique often used to save time when evaluating chess position.  If a position’s true score is much higher than beta or lower than alpha the full evaluation is really unnecessary.  For example, if you’re a queen down it’s a waste of time checking to see if you have a weak double […]

50% Improvement in Perft Speed

I decided to see what Mavericks performance is like through the lens of a profiler.  I’m using CodeBlocks as my GCC IDE.  It was remarkably simple to get the profiler working.  The first thing I notices was the large amount of time taken to see if a move resulted in discovered check, and therefore illegal.  […]

Perfect Perft!

Over the weekend I got the last couple of bugs out of Maverick perft routine.  It now has a perfect node match for all the positions I’ve tried – Yippee!!  In my opinion getting to this stage is a major milestone in the development of a chess engine.  If you can get this far you’re […]

Is Perft Speed Important?

The perft routine in Maverick is almost fully debugged!  I believe this is an important milestone in any chess engine’s development.  It’s really the first time the code “plays” chess, in the sense it generates moves, make and un-makes the moves, and iterates up and down the search tree. I also think the speed of […]

Up to my Knees in Debugging

I’ve been in Tokyo this week on business.  So there hasn’t been too much time for chess programming (sigh).  Hopefully I’ll have time on the 13 hour flight back via Dallas Fort-Worth.  I’m in the process of using perft to debug the move generating and make / unmake routines.  For those who haven’t come across […]

Make Move & Unmake Move…

I finally got the move generators working.  There are two primary move generators.  The first “generate_moves” is called when the side to move is not in check.  It creates a list of pseudo moves (i.e. some may be illegal due to discovered check).  The second routine, generate_evade_check creates a list of legal moves which get […]

Free Chess Bitboard Viewer

If your chess engine is bitboard based you will need to be able to visualize what the bitboard looks like as an actual chess board.  I can’t image developing a bitboard engine without this type of utility.  So I created a simple chess bitboard viewer.  You download it here: Chess Bitboard Viewer It runs on […]